Structure decomposition analysis of embodied carbon from transition economies




Zhengning Pua; Jiasha Fu; Chi Zhang; Jun Shao


In this study, we created a model based on input-output and carbon dioxide emissions data from WIOD (World Input-Output Database) to investigate the role of transition economies and developed economies in global carbon emissions during 1995–2014. The results show that for transition economies, the carbon emissions calculated based on the production side are higher than those estimated by the consumer side, indicating that the transition economies shoulder more indirect carbon emissions responsibility than developed countries. Subsequent analysis has found that China exports carbon to developed economies, while imports carbon from other transition economies and the rest of world. Finally, the structural decomposition analysis (SDA) shows that the change of export carbon emissions of transition markets during 1995–2014 is mainly affected by the highcarbon sectors and the export scale has the most significant impact on export carbon emissions.

Supported by the 111 Project B16040