The 2019 CPBS Workshop on Migration and Urbanization in China



Venue: 305 CHFS-RIEM, Guanghua Campus, SWUFE

Time: April 20, Saturday

8:30-8:40 Welcome: Han Li, Vice Dean, RIEM, SWUFE

8:40-10:20 Session 1: Migration and Household Finance

Chair: Jipeng Zhang, SWUFE

Title: 流动人口与城镇居民劳动力市场的表现差异

Presenter: Shuaizhang Feng, IESR, Jinan University

Title: 中国家庭债务风险与住房保障制度建设

Presenter: Li Gan, RIEM, SWUFE

10:20-10:40 Coffee Break

10:40-12:20 Session 2: Village and Development

Chair: Shihe Fu, Xiamen University

Title: 村庄发展、移民:基于广东省农村调查和RUMiC的一些讨论

Presenter: Xiang Ma, IESR, Jinan University

Title: 搬迁扶贫对孩子发展的长期影响:政府支持与个人选择的矛盾

Presenter: Jipeng Zhang, RIEM, SWUFE

12:20-13:30 Lunch Break

13:30-15:10 Session 3: Education

Chair: Xiang Ma, IESR, Jinan University

Title: Does the College Admission Policy Improve High School Education in China’s Poor Counties?

Presenter: Yongzhi Sun, RIEM, SWUFE

Title: Education investment decisions of parents in China

Presenter: Bing Xu, RIEM, SWUFE

15:10-15:30 Coffee Break

15:30-18:00 Session 4: Urban Development

Chair: Han Li, RIEM, SWUFE

Title: “定点学校”政策的居住隔离效应研究:来自房地产市场的准实验证据

Presenter: Yugang Tang, Shandong University

Title: The Effects of Urban Growth Boundaries on Urban Development: Evidence from Beijing

Presenter: Shihe Fu, Xiamen University

Title: Agricultural Land, Age and Moving off Farm: Evidence from Rural China

Presenter: Wei Xiao, RIEM, SWUFE

18:00-20:00 Dinner